Mirror, Monitor, Screen is an interactive installation that is predicated on infinite restructurings of location and identity. The mirror multiplies ‘reflections’ and disperses them. Micro-video cameras & an LCD monitor are hidden behind a two-way mirror. The mirror appears normal; the technology is invisible. The cameras record the mirror-gazer and a specular double is produced (behind the mirror, via the monitor). It is experienced/superimposed with the expected reflection. The cameras are also connected to the internet and live footage of the mirror-gazer is streamed ad infinitum elsewhere—in and outside of—the installation space. The fractal streams reflect the fallacy of fixed location and identity. A reminder that we are always becoming elsewhere and other. Forever finding and losing ourselves. Wasting and consuming ourselves. A loop.

Mirror, Monitor, Screen installation shot (man looking in mirror with video display of himself appearing on hidden monitor via hidden video camera).

Mirror in gallery vitrine filming the street. Projection inside the gallery of the street being filmed.

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the mirror is currently in transit and therefore offline

Mirror, Monitor, Screen has been exhibited at National Art Gallery of Tirana (Albania), Volta13 Art Basel (Switzerland), and Montreal MFA Gallery (Canada)